Business Computer Services


Onsite Support
We’ll walk through your doorway when you need us and we’ll end up knowing your technological environment like the back of our hand. Whether your business requires 2 hours or 10 hours per week, we’ll be there working with you.
How long would your business last if you lost all your accounting records, client details, email contacts, marketing materials, emails, etc? It’s only a matter of time before a hard drives lifespan (up to 5 years) comes to an end.

Click the graph above to see the main causes of data loss.

We know how to take all the right steps to keep your data safe.

Proactive Maintenance
We’ll be keeping a close eye on all your computers, whether they require an upgrade or spotting a hardware malfunction before it happens.
Data Recovery
Lost a file? We have state-of-the-art tools to help you find it.
Email Management
We can help you to set up email on your computer, phone or tablet. Add new email accounts, auto responder messages, set up email signatures and maintain email accounts.
Website Deisgn & Updates
Whether you need a new website or to update your existing pages, we can organise everything for you.
Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimization
You have your website, now how are you going to market it? Want to be on the first page of Google? We can geographically target certain locations, get your website seen on Google and much more.
Analysing Website Traffic
Now you have a steady flow of traffic visiting your site, knowing critical information like, how they are finding your website, what keywords they are using, how they are navigating your site, etc is imperative.
Priority Support
Your business will come first in line, where possible.
Printer & Fax Support
We can set up and maintain your printer and fax. No matter how difficult the printer interface is, we’ll crack it.
Computer Networking
We can set up sharing documents between numerous computers, networking a printer so that numerous computers can access the one printer and much more.

Conditions Apply (Computer Repairs, Services, Tutoring)

  • Call Out Fee can change due to distance needed to be travelled
  • Minimum charge 1 hour (per visit)
  • After first hour, then billed in 15 minute increments at a quarter of the per hour rate
  • Out of hours / Weekends – fee applies ($30 on top of hourly rate)
  • Cancellation must be made 12 hours before appointment, if not a fee of $20 will be incurred
  • Parts and hardware/software not Included